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IntelliBED® Sleep Wellness
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IntelliBED Austin Sleep Wellness

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Sleep Well with Intelli-Gel
Gel-Top Mattress

Using 21st Century Intelli-Gel® sleep technology, IntelliBED® provides pressure relief that is unsurpassed in the mattress industry. The Intelli-Gel® technology is a Space-Aged Co-Polymer called Gelastic™. It is a soft, very strong rubber like material unlike any other bedding material.

The design of the IntelliBED® using the patented Intelli-Gel® keeps the human spine in firm, horizontal alignment ensuring a great night's sleep while also providing 50-80% more pressure relief than inner springs or NASA memory foam. It is also the only material we've tested that will perform "like new" for the life of the mattress.

Amazing Intelli-Gel®

Gel Beds Can Help With...

Back Pain
Tossing & Turning
Pressure Sores
  Neck Pain

Over 50 Medical Professionals In Central Texas Recommend IntelliBED - Learn More

Intellibed Durability: Intelli-Gel® mattresses support "like new" and maintain their shape for twenty years or more.

Comfort: Provides pressure relief consistently 50-80% greater than inner springs and NASA memory foam, and we prove it in our sleep lab - schedule an appointment today.

Value: Proven by tens of thousands of IntelliBED® users, our Intelli-Gel® mattresses outperform the competition by keeping their "just like new" feel for the life of the bed.

Competitive Advantage: IntelliBED® optimizes sleep wellness by reducing pressure, maintaining spinal alignment, and supporting recessed body parts. No other mattress available at any price can achieve all three elements.